• A1. Vegetable Spring Roll                               6.95

Fried veggie spring roll w. sweet roll sauce

  • A2. Vegetable Dumpling                                  6.95

Steamed or Fried veggie dumpling w. sweet soy sauce

  • A3. Crispy Tofu                                                  6.95

Sliced tofu served w. crushed peanut& sweet chili sauce

  • A4. Thai Chive Pancake                                   6.95

Fried chive pancake served with sweet soy sauce

  • A5. Edamame                                                     6.95

Steamed soybean w. sea salt

  • A6. Crab Dumpling                                           6.95

Steamed or Fried crab dumpling w. sweet soy sauce

  • A7. Chicken & Shrimp Shu Mai                      6.95

Steamed or Fried grounded chicken & shrimp wrapped in wonton skin served w. sweet soy sauce

  • A8. Chicken Satay                                            7.95

Grilled marinated chicken w. peanut sauce & cucumber sauce

  • A9. Wings                                                          6.95

Crispy chicken wings served with sweet chili sauce

  • A10. Curry Puffs                                               6.95

Crispy puff pastry filled w. curry potato served with cucumber sauce

  • A11. Rocket Shrimp                                        6.95

Fried wrapped shrimp w. rice paper served with sweet roll sauce

  •  A12. Fried Calamari                                       6.95

Crispy fried calamari served with sweet chili sauce

  • A13. Thai Fish Cake                                        6.95

Fried grounded fish mixed w. red curry paste, long bean served with cucumber sweet chili sauce & crushed peanut

  • A14. Spare Rib                                                 6.95

Fried marinated pork spare rib w. fried garlic, scallion  served with chili sauce

  • A15. Shrimp Tempura                                   6.95

Fried Shrimp tempura served with sweet chili sauce and sweet soy sauce

  • A16. B.B.Q.  Pork or Beef                                10.95

Grilled marinated   pork or beef served w.  Thai chili paste, scallion, served w. house hot sauce