A1. Vegetable Spring Roll                                           5.95

Fried veggie spring roll w. sweet roll sauce

A2. Vegetable Dumpling                                            6.95

Steamed or Fried veggie dumpling w. sweet soy sauce

A3. Crispy Tofu                                                             6.95

Sliced tofu served w. crushed peanut& sweet chili sauce

A4. Thai Chive Pancake                                             6.95

Fried chive pancake served with sweet soy sauce

A5. Edamame                                                              6.95

Steamed soybean w. sea salt

A6. Crab Dumpling                                                   6.95

Steamed or Fried crab dumpling w. sweet soy sauce

A7. Chicken & Shrimp Shu Mai                            6.95

Steamed or Fried grounded chicken & shrimp wrapped in wonton skin served w. sweet soy sauce

A8. Chicken Satay                                                    6.95

Grilled marinated chicken w. peanut sauce & cucumber sauce

A9. Wings                                                                  6.95

Crispy chicken wings served with sweet chili sauce

A10. Curry Puffs                                                      6.95

Crispy puff pastry filled w. curry potato served with cucumber sauce

A11. Rocket Shrimp                                               6.95

Fried wrapped shrimp w. rice paper served with sweet roll sauce

A12. Fried Calamari                                             6.95

Crispy fried calamari served with sweet chili sauce

A13. Thai Fish Cake                                              6.95

Fried grounded fish mixed w. red curry paste, long bean served with cucumber sweet chili sauce & crushed peanut

A14. Spare Rib                                                       6.95

Fried marinated pork spare rib w. fried garlic, scallion  served with chili sauce

A15. Hoi Joh (Thai crab roll)                            6.95

Fried stuffed chicken & crabmeat served w. sweet roll sauce

A16. B.B.Q. Chicken, Pork or Beef              10.95

Grilled marinated chicken,  pork or beef served w. T Thai chili sauce

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